Tax Optimization Is an Art


We are the largest integrated Bulgarian company formation, legal advice, tax advice and accounting practice in Bulgaria. Established in 2004 BulgariCo is a recognized member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

BulgariCo has active connections in more than 30 countries all around the globe.

Presently the main driver for the services are the very favorable tax rates (10% corporate profit tax; 10% personal income tax) that are coexistent with the Bulgarian membership in the European Union.

Why BulgariCo:

  • Our services are times less expensive.
  • Our structures are recognized in EU, USA etc. whilst off-shore structures are not.
  • Maintenance costs are limited and predictable and most importantly – controllable by you.
  • You do not depend on locals as you can act both as a sole director and a shareholder in most cases.