Tax Optimization Is an Art


Our services are competitively priced. We guarantee net value added and that the costs associated with our services are many times less than your savings.

Once we understand your needs and requirements we will give you a competitive and fair price.

We can also quote you special prices for the packs listed below.

Asset Acquisition (No VAT) Pack

Company registration
Annual tax return

Tax Save Pack

Company registration
VAT registration
Accounting services – 12 months
Personal tax form as per DTT
Buy back of the company at 50%

Immigration Pack

Company registration
Accounting services
Invitation short term visa
Free buy back of the company

Asset Acquisition (VAT) Pack

Company registration
VAT registration / VAT reclaim
Accounting services for 12 months
Free document filing

Discount Vouchers – up to 50%

We offer discount vouchers to customers who qualify and meet our internal terms and conditions. These in general refer to innovation, entrepreneurship, ethical and development causes as well as youth businesses. Please, e-mail us at if you decide to attempt meeting our qualification criteria. We will send you a questionnaire. Upon your return we will make an assessment and provide you with a prompt discount offer. As some or all of the discounts are funded by investment and development promotion charities and grants this procedure is compulsory.

Referral Money Back

Depending on the portfolio of services you have obtained from us you can get up to 50% refund of the price (amount) paid by you to us. Successfully refer to us clients and if two or more sign up with us you will get a 50% money-back. If five or more clients are successfully introduced by you we will refund 90% of what you paid for your initial pack. The remaining 10% need to stay for you to be considered a paying client and not a beneficiary of a grant scheme.