Tax Optimization Is an Art

Company Searches

We can obtain on your behalf copies of the public record filings for a business entity already registered in Bulgaria.

Searches on the name of a business entity

Searches of a local branch of a foreign entity.

Searches on the names of the directors, shareholders or any of the members of governing and supervisory bodies of a given corporate entity.

We can obtain either certified or ordinary copies of the complete file held at the commercial register. Normally we can extract the articles of association, incorporation memorandums or any of their amendments. We will also be able to provide you with all the appointments in the corporate governing bodies including past, recent and present.

Information about charges, liens, and liquidation proceedings, voluntary and compulsory executions is also available when public registration of those circumstances is required by law.

Our searches normally take three working days to be completed.

We provide you with our money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied by our service. Please bear in mind that we can find information only if it exists and is available.