Tax Optimization Is an Art


Processing of payroll requires full knowledge of the state and changes in Bulgarian regulatory requirements.

Processing of the payroll of your employees on a high-quality requires a qualified payroll accountant, a lawyer and quality software. Deadlines appear regularly that need to be met to keep up with all the wage-related issues.

Outsourcing of the payroll administration to us will help you focus on the core drivers of your business. We provide payroll services for all staff or separately for the management team as always strict confidentiality is required.

Our payroll services include the calculation of net income, taxes and insurance, drafting of payment documents, on-line banking, special bank accounts administration, the latter used only for payment of salaries to management with the objective of strict confidentiality.

The components of the payroll service we provide to our customers involve:

Defining the recruitments

Processing of monthly payroll ledgers and pay slips

Estimation of sick leaves and paid leaves

Delivering e-pay slips in password protected file to each employee

Reporting employers costs in various breakdowns as analytically required

Drafting of labor and civil contracts

Registration and update returns of labor contracts in National Revenue Agency

Processing terminations of labor contracts

Production of bank documents and on-line banking

Reporting for insured persons to the Register of the National Social Security Institute

Acting as agents in your relations with the National Revenue Agency and the National Social Security Institute