Tax Optimization Is an Art

19 July 2011

BulgariCo is launching three new products to address the needs of our Hellenic clients arising from:

– the ongoing financial crisis in the country and
– the reactions of the fiscal authorities there.

The products are specifically targeted at addressing recently introduced normative regulations some of which are breaching the EU law and are expected to be challenged at EU level. Notwithstanding this, interim conditions need to be handled appropriately.

As a result of the fiscal clamp Greek business are now not only relocating their headquarters to Sofia, but moving jobs North of the boarder to Bulgaria.

Our products are in the areas of:

– Cross-border asset relocation
– Cross-border business set-up and outsourcing
– Individual (personal) relocation to Bulgaria

With corporate tax level of 10% and personal tax rate of 10% Bulgaria is turning into second homeland to Hellenic people with whom historical, cultural and economic relations abound.

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