Tax Optimization Is an Art

Corporate Profit Tax

Corporate profit tax rate

10% on restated taxable profit.

Liable entities

Companies and partnerships established under Bulgarian law.

Places of conducting business in Bulgaria of non-resident entities.

Taxable profit

Financial result adjusted for tax purposes.

Accounting Standards

IFRS or local Bulgarian GAAP (for small and medium-sized enterprises till end of 2010).

Tax adjustments

Adjustments are made for non-business related costs or expenses that are not duly documented. Interest paid is restricted under standard thin capitalization rules. Expenses for impairment of assets; dividends received from local or EU based companies are also adjusted for.

Tax depreciation rules

Maximum annual tax depreciation rates between 4% and 50%, depending on the type of asset.

Fiscal year

The tax (fiscal) year is the calendar year with no availability to opt for different reporting and accounting dates.

Further Information

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